Monday, December 05, 2005

too many distractions!!

found this over the weekend, as if i need any more distractions from doing uni work! its a publicity poster from virgin records. there are loads of bands in this image and you have to try to name them all. good luck! let me know how you get on!

ive managed to find 65 so far. just remember to say what you see garath!! :-P

and no rfa - rifles and flowers is not one and neither is white lines! chuh!



X_Sook_X said...

For one it's too small, but I've got so far:

Scissor Sisters
Led Zepplin
Smashing Pumpkins
Alice in Chains
The Gorillaz
The Zombies
Green Day
The Eagles

and possibly

Bullet for my Valentine

But I might be being a bit clever with that one!

X_Sook_X said...

Right, to add:

Rolling Stones
Beach Boys
Black Flag
Matchbox 20 (but I though they were biscuits!

X_Sook_X said...

Right some of these are become a bit iffy (it also helps if you get the full size picture!):

Presidents of the USA
Cowboy Junkies
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Crowded House
Dinosaur Jr
The Mailmen
White Snake
50 Cent

and ones i'm not sure about

Velvet Revolver
The Vines
Queens of the Stone Age

Right, that's 30 out of 75 done!

X_Sook_X said...

Seems there are hundreds cause you can look at them different ways - i.e Blokes in street dancing = The Cult or Manic Street Preachers

I think I'm up to around 80ish now but upon a bit of searching I found a site which has over 120 listed!

ktp05 said...

hehe cheers chicken! i know the poster's a bit small sorry about that, you seem to be doing well anyway!


Slink said...

we managed to get 47 in a first attempt but we got bored quick.

And who the hell is Spoon?!? what a sh*t name for a band! :D