Thursday, December 29, 2005

f-f-f-f-freezing!!! (not sure if the shivering is an after affect of alchol or the weather?!)

just got back from an ace time in oxford! got the train on tuesday from nuneaton to milton keynes then a bus from milton keynes to oxford. it wasnt too bad and it was nice looking outside cos it had been snowing and everywhere was white (thankfully it wasnt the wrong kind of snow and so the trains hadnt been cancelled!) one bit of advice though, when youre travelling on a train dont listen to a ricky gervais podcast cos if like me, you find him really funny youll get really odd looks from everyone around you when you hear something funny and you laugh out loud then try to turn it into a cough!!!! i dont think it worked!!
i arrived ready for rfas celebrations to start. we played some racing demon with his parents while we waited for people to arrive, it was a really good card game, and actually didnt take me that long to pick up for once!! eventually people started to arrive, there were loads of people and i wont remember everyone so im not going to try!! we hung around at rfas for quite a while and then moved on into town, alot of the places were shut and we ended up in a really expensive bar! (you could tell we werent in hinckley, things were oxford prices!!!). stayed there for a bit and then moved onto the PT (purple turtle), the students bar! it wasnt too bad inside and we carried on the night untill about 1:30am ish when we left. most people stayed untill it closed at 3am but we were slack and left earlier!! i was feeling ok untill the cold air hit me and my legs just turned to jelly!! hehe. was an....interesting journey to the kebab kid and then back to the flat, or so im told anyway, dont remeber much of it! (cheers sook, rfa and anna for looking after me!!) i was put to bed by rfa and anna and dont remeber anymore until i woke up at 11am feeling slighty worse for wear!!!
yesterday was rfas actual birthday we (plus big dave) went to chipping norton in the cotswolds to play some pool and have a few drinks before we met all his family friends and went for a meal and then onto the pantomime. it was puss in boots and really good fun! went back to being a kid and yelling 'its behind you,' and 'oh no it isnt, oh yes it is!' etc etc! hehe. we were on the two front rows too so got lots of sweets chucked at us! we even got a special mention to the 'swarbrick group' and we all cheered along!
this morning i packed all my stuff up and was dropped off at the bus station. i wanted to get a slightly earlier bus and train home so got on the bus an hour early expecting there to be a train from milton keynes an hour earlier than i planned too but no there wasnt, the service was only one train every two hours and id only missed the other one by 10min so i had just under two hours to wait in a freeeeeeeeezing cold train station with a cafe that had no hot chocloate left! i was wearing, a long sleeved tshirt, a tshirt, a jumper, a pashmina and my coat and was still shivering! i then decided to put my gloves on but then couldnt turn the pages of my book! i was getting more and more fustrated as i went along!!! brrrrrrr! i finally got my train and mum picked up a little icicle from the station that used to be her daughter!
bye for now anyways, i wont be blogging again this year so ive just got one last thing to say:


fun_savvy said...

Hi Katie...

Just dropped by to wish you a happy, joyful, funfilled, party-hopping new year! :-)


X_Sook_X said...

It's a good thing you don't remember much. I just hope Rfa's pictures of you at the bus stop have come out ok!