Thursday, December 22, 2005

the rat and parrot now in barwell! (no its not a pub!)

well im back home now to find that barwell isnt quite the same as it was when i left it in september, its turned wild! weve got a rat and a parrot, yes a parrot in our garden!! its crazy! the rat, we're trying to get rid of as i type and the parrot we keep feeding on the bird table! its well pretty, red, green and yellow and sits there for ages!

weve had our un-chirstmas day today and santa came a bit early too! aunty beryl goes home tomorrow so we had a practise chrimbo day with her. i cant believe its almost christmas, it really doesnt feel like it is, im not excited about it this year, must be getting old!!

saw scary-may today, not seen her since before i went to india two junes ago. it was so nice to catch up again over a sausage cob! we had so much to tell each other. shes been in germany as a dancer and singer in the german version of we will rock you, the queen musical. shes got about 3months left now before she has to find a new job. oh and by the way, incase u didnt get the message, i got a new job! :-P hehe. im still so happy about it, really excited! cant stop telling/boring people about it!

thats about it for now i think, not really done much else. been out and about seeing people etc. will type again soon when ive not been doing my dissertation!!


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