Monday, December 12, 2005


just a quickie today. went with rfa and matt-ay to see Narnia last saturdy and it was ace! stuck to the book and tv series really well and was a well spent 3hours. only trouble was the special effects weren't quite what they could have been, some of the blue screens were soo obvious! it was a bit of a shame but didnt ruin the film at all! i was a bit hesitant to see this lastest re-make cos of willy wonka earlier this year (crap!!) but i think with this film i can enjoy both the film and bbc series from when i was little (its out on dvd now dontcha know!! its well good!)

im just typing this before i go to uni, got a presentation on my work today-eeek! im not as well prepared for it as i could have been but im sure itll be fine! :-S wish me luck!

oh one more thing, every monday ricky gervais is doing a podcast for the guardian. its soo funny, you can download it from here if anyones interested:

right well thats it for now, better get going and buy some more card before the art shop runs out!


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