Thursday, April 24, 2014

Just call me Delia Smith with a bit of Gordon Ramsay thrown in...

Last Sunday I achieved what I thought was the impossible...I cooked! Now to most people that’s no biggie but for anyone who’s lived with or visited me I manage to warm things up well(ish) but to actually cook is up there on a pedestal that’s above my reach....or so I thought...

Easter Sunday Adam & I decided we were going to tackle that holy grail....The Sunday Roast! Gulp!

After writing a list of what to do when with coloured arrows all over the place thanks to a phonecall to dad & a piece of Lamb (with the bone removed thanks to our very friendly local butcher :)) We were ready to go. First thing first – we opened a bottle of wine...then we were off!
To be honest I don’t really enjoy cooking – I find it very stressful trying to juggle everything to be done at the right time & the right temperature but we got through it together. Thankfully Adam was by my side as chief veg peeler, meat carver, wine pourer & general calmer downer! I had a few wobblies (mainly to do with the potatoes not cooking quickly enough  -note for next time!) but all in all we did it!
We sat down just half an hour later than planned but it was done – we’d beaten the Great Roast Challenge! What we’d created looked like a roast, smelled like a roast & most importantly tasted like a roast!

After dinner Adam went for a bit of a lie down (note to self – smaller portions next time!)

We still had a bit of everything left over so on Tuesday I decided to throw it all in a curry – stroke.of.genius!
I’m not a huge fan of Roasts but thrown in a curry – now you’re talking my kinda meal! Ha!

Just a friendly note – if you’re planning on a visit any time will not be getting a roast! I need a few more run throughs to get the timing right & calm down a bit more before I have an audience!

Tfn x

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