Friday, April 25, 2014

South Coast Slam

Picture the's Easter Saturday, it's sunny & we're by the we're not walking by the beach soaking up the rays, we're in a dark & noisy room hunched over a machine. That's right we're playing pinball! As you do!

Nick, Adam & I traveled down to Worthing to South Coast Slam & it was awesome! We arrived just before 10am as they were turning on the machines & it was lucky we arrived early so we could try out quite a few before the crowds arrived later... & I mean crowds!
My first machine of choice was a Tommy themed one, while Adam drooled over a Wrestling one that was for sale (thankfully we didn't buy it...yet, so we didn't have to attempt to get it on the train home!) & Nick made a bee line for Donkey Kong.
A good few hours later we emerged blinking into the sunshine to find some good pub grub... as we stepped out we were greeted by The Delorean - signed & everything along side a Back To The Future pinball machine & a guy dressed as The Doc. Amazing!
After a pit-stop of burger & a few pints of Doom Bar we went back to being Pinball Wizards :) Sadly we didn't win the Indiana Jones machine but it's definitely fueled our passion for our own one day! Roll on the next geek-fest hopefully later in the year! Whoop!

Ttfn x

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