Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Roll up roll up the best kind of party's in town

No it's not an SClub's a Pug Party!

I wish every Sunday could be like last Sunday...we spent it at a pug party at Pick Me Up Festival at Somerset House.
The Pug Queen herself....Gemma Correll was there teaching everyone how to draw pugs & not just any pugs...pug balloons! Sadly Mr Norman Pickles (the muse for most of Gemma's work) wasn't there but various pug photos were projected onto the walls for inspiration/distraction!
Afterwards we had great fun wandering down the South Bank, pugs in tow....sadly the tube got too exciting for one of Adam's pugs & he popped on the way home *sigh*

Our little pugs are now by the tv & I swear when we go out to work they carry on having their own little pug party while they wait for us to come home.

Ttfn x


Slink said...

Oh my god... I GENUINELY thought there had been a Pug death when I read that about it "popping on the way home"... I thought you were actually walking some pugs and it died... then I thought.. no she must mean POOPED. hahaha! And THEN I finally realised you meant the balloon. Oh god ... my brain... nuts.

ktpland said...

You're the best! Ha x