Tuesday, April 01, 2014

"Hot Water's so overrated...."

These are the words that I'm sure will come back to haunt me one day!

On Saturday night, just as Adam was running me a bath to give him some quality x-box time our boiler broke. We had no hot water, it was luke warm at the most & as my Lush Bath Bomb fizzed away in barely a puddle of water we realised we had a problem. I called ma&pa for help (sod's law they'd only just left a few hours earlier!), we tried all we could to get the boiler to light but it was no good. Dad then remembered we had an immersion heater (whoop), as I flicked the switch I couldn't almost feel myself sinking into my bubbly bath, till my daydream was shattered by a bang as the element or fuse blew! Chuh!

By this point it was getting late so we decided to call it a day & go to bed & hope it would all be a bad dream by the time morning came. Once I eventually awoke from my pit at 1:15pm (an impressive lie in even by my standards!) my puddle of green, gungy Lush-ness was still there & I was no closer to my bath. *sigh*

It was then that we realised all was not lost......
~ we have an electric shower - so hot water's still ok to wash in
~ our washing machine works from the cold water pipe - so we can still wash clothes
~ our dishwasher also works from the cold water pipe so we can wash up....
This leads me to my...."Hot water's so overrated" statement. Why are we paying for a new boiler?! Who needs hot water running from the tap?! For everything we can't put in the dishwasher we can boil a kettle or even wash it in the shower with us! Sorted!

I'm sure I won't be singing from the same song sheet by this time next week but for now it's fun pretending it doesn't bother me as we wait for British Gas! *sigh* the joys of home ownership!

Tfn x

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AJP said...

We'll remember to turn off the hot water and entral heating when you come here