Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Trash The Dress

What better way to end my Wedding Wednesday series with a Trash The Dress shoot?!
I'd always dreamed of trashing my dress after our wedding (as you do!) but didn't think we'd have enough money to afford the shoot, that was until I saw the competition on Rock&Roll Bride last year. To cut a long story short (see more of it HERE!) I won & Emily from the fab Photographic Blonde (link HERE) arranged the shoot. We were all set to do it 2 weeks after our wedding (so thankfully I'd still fit in the dress(!)) & it helped to carry on the wedding excitement that bit longer! I met up with her to discuss my crazy, colourful ideas mid last year & we got really excited thinking about everything. It was fun to bounce ideas off someone new & who was as excited about this as I was!
Adam & I met Emily at her flat which was so wonderfully pristine & white when we started but I'm sure after we came back & showered it wasn't quite the same (sorry Emily!). I was lucky enough to have my hair & make up done by Carla (link HERE). It was really fun to have a much more dramatic & stylised look for this shoot compared to the wedding, she even managed to give me chiseled cheeks, that girl's a genius! :P
We piled into Emily's car & set off for the secret location she'd found for us & wow! It was brill! It was an old disused school PE changing blocks. All the shower rooms & toilets cubicles were still there but partly falling down & covered in Graffiti. It was the perfect setting. The only problem was though when we arrived there was a private event going on & the area was swarming with boys in camo gear, masks & pellet guns! We sweethearted the man in charge to let us in for an hour(ish) while they stopped for lunch so it was a race against time to get our photos.
We used powdered paint which took a bit of getting used to (as in don't breathe in just as it hits you, or aim for the other person's eyes!) but all in all it was so much fun! To keep the bridal look we had a perfectly white bouquet from ISIS flowers (link HERE) & it looked so pretty once it got covered in paint too!
As well as my dress I wore my cream petticoat & bloomers but I've saved my magenta petticoat ready for the next Jive ball! I love the cheeky shot top left as I span round!
To finish off the shoot we took some couple shots around the place (I think we could have stayed there all day exploring but we only had about 15min to get these shots before we had to leave). We did our best to get rid of most of the paint using wet wipes before we sat in the car & enjoyed a power shower when we got back to the flat but we still found colour in our ears for the next day or two though! On a side note all that paint in Adam's hair has shown me was a lovely silver fox he'll make eventually! Also I hope I never loose my eyebrows cos I just look a bit weird! :P
I did have a little wobble the night before the shoot cos so many people told me I'd regret trashing my dress & that I shouldn't do it but I'm so glad I stuck to my guns & went with it. I had so much fun & now I have a multicoloured dress all ready to frame & hang up in our house one day making it a piece of artwork we'll see daily instead of being packed away in a loft never to be used again.

I'd thoroughly recommend a Trash The Dress/Rock The Frock shoot, you don't have to go as OTT as me, you could wear it down to the local supermarket, at a play park or even busking down Brick Lane, it's just a lovely way to put that dress on one more time & enjoy feeling like a princess again! Emily was great fun to work with so if you fancy it why not get in touch! :)

Ttfn x

p.s can't believe this is my last Wedding Wed post *sniff* hope you've enjoyed an insight into our wedding & how much fun we had!


@distract_me said...

That looks ridiculously fun! And you're completely right, what's the point in having a pristine dress that you never look at? xx

ktpland said...

I'm so pleased I had the guts to go for it & I've never regretted it one bit! Glad you liked the pics! x