Wednesday, January 16, 2013

And all that Jive!

I'm back baby! After taking an unwanted break from Jive since the wedding (I still have a black toenail but it's not gonna take away my fun any longer!) I popped down to Oval last night for my first JiveNation class of the year & boy was it ace!

It's always fun to catch up with familiar faces & on top of that I had some brilliant dances! I was a bit rusty at first but once I'd dusted away the cobwebs from the 'jive' section of my brain & I remembered what a smoothback was I was laughing!

I'll just leave you with a video of Max & I jiving our little hearts out at the wedding. I might not be the greatest dancer in the world but I love every second of every dance & that's what matters right?! It also helps when you have a proper twirly princess dress on! ;)

Ttfn x


AJP said...

What a pair of stars

@distract_me said...

That dress was made for jiving! xx

Anonymous said...


ktpland said...

thanks for comments folks! here's to more (much more) jiving in 2013! :) x