Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tis the season to get gnarly!

Thought I was doing really well this year with my Christmas planning, started buy the presents in june & writing cards and getting my party frock in November, but there’s always something that just creeps up and catches you unaware. Grr! There are one or 2 presents that are turning out to be more than a little bit tricky and it’s all cos I tried to be good and plan my money spending habits! If I’d just brought the flipping things when I saw them then I’d be fine, but no, I waited and tried to be good and where did that get me?! Not impressed!

Anyways start of the festive things tonight – hopefully going to the recording of the Top Of The Pops Christmas Special so I’m sure that’ll get me out of this bah humbug attitude and back into the sparkly magic that is Christmas! At least I hope so or I’ll be the grumpy one standing with my arms folded and looking mardy when it’s broadcast on tv over the festive period!


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