Wednesday, December 30, 2009

please welcome the new arrival....

no i've not had a baby, i've got something that i'll love and cherish just as much (if not more! :P) - a new panasonic lumix g1 camera! it's lovely! got it straight after chrimbo and was quite impressed cos i'd managed to save up for it and not spend the money in the process, must be growing up! can't wait to have a proper play with it when i head back to the rents tonight.

can't believe the festive spirit has come and gone for another year. it went especially quick for me this year cos i'm working inbetween chrimbo and new year. *groan!* I went home for chrimbo and had a great time. adam came with me on chrimbo eve, stayed overnight and drove back chrimbo morning. It's lovely having that early morning present unwrapping session before everyone else's awake, it's our little time. i did pretty well for presents and was thoroughly spoiled (of course! :P) and so was adam. one gift included a portfolio so there's no excuse now i better get filling it. eep! once he left i went and pounced on mum & dad to get up and do presents and get cooking (:P) we had a really quiet day with just the 3 of us and dad actually cooked the whole of christmas and boxing day lunches! i was dead impressed! we then switched on the tv (weren't the programs crap this year!!) aprat from one show - christmas top of the pops where the exhibitionist struck again:

anna and i went to the recording a few weeks ago and it was brill! had so much fun and i was so glad it wasn't a let down after years and years of watching it every week! bring back TOTP!!
the next day we had a small family gathering, the next day i got my camera then i headed back to london to work. boo. heading back oop north in a few hours in time for dad's birthday tomorrow, having a quiet NYE (sometimes they're the best) then heading abck to London to work on the 4th. I don't know no rest for the wicked eh?!
well all that's left for me to say is:
i can't wait!

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