Friday, December 11, 2009

sometimes I wonder if I'm in charge of my brain or if I'm in charge of it!

Feeling weird today, bit on edge. No idea why - it’s December, my Chrimbo shopping’s done, cards posted, I’m going to see the rents over Christmas and New Year and get to see Adam on Chrimbo Eve & Chrimbo Day but I’m still not happy! There’s no pleasing some people. I’ve got that sense of dread in the bottom of my stomach, it’s bad enough when you know what it’s for, but when you don’t know it’s even worse! Makes you wonder what’s round the corner that my body’s worrying about but my brain doesn’t know yet! Wow that was a Karl Pilkington quote if I ever heard one! :S

Oh and in case anyone was wondering about my post the other day 2 of Santa’s little elves came to my rescue! And very grateful I was too! Phew!


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