Friday, December 18, 2009

flake failure

went to our work's christmas doo last night and it was great to sit in a bar with an open fire and lovely christmas tree and then look out of the window to be greeted by big snowflakes falling and settling. on the way home it was all over the radio that the south-east was going to get it really bad and there'd be really deep snow. i went to bed hoping i'd be welcomed by a blanket of snow, though at the same time dreading i'd have to spend another snow day without adam (it was rubbish in feb!). i woke up to LBC and the travel report coming on my radio alarm and it's sounded like chaos trains were messed up, no planes and road were closed or blocked with people having been stuck in their cars for hours. I leapt out of bed to see all this snow that was causing this and..................nothing! a little bit of a frost on the ground but to me it just looked like any other grey & dull winters morning! rubbish! did look a bit like bambi walking on the ice this morning but apart from that it was just pretty chilly, nothing new or interesting to report!


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