Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a little update from a little person!

Getting really excited for the festive season now! Tho I am still waiting on one flipping present! Better arrive from a certain website soon or I won’t be impressed! I’ve spent most of my time at parties or out which I know doesn’t really make much of a change but it’s nice to have a valid reason to party and stay up past my bedtime once a year!

Went to see Les Mis again yesterday with the India girlies plus one which was lovely. Emhen and I blubbed our way through the ending but apart from that all went well! It’s so nice to have them around me in London now, seems like such a long time ago when I felt lonely in such a big & busy city. London’s magical at the moment with all the lights and decorations up. They’ve even converted Eros at Picadilly Circus into a giant snowglobe which is pretty cool!

Had a lovely couple of days away with Adam up north for his birthday, it’s always nice to get out and about, just the two of us and stop off whenever and wherever we want and explore.

I’m mainly working over Christmas/New Year so will be popping back to the rents house on and off for the special days and that’s about it. I usually struggle to feel festive when doing it this way but I’m having no problem so far! It’s gonna be great! Wheeeee!

Oh and one more thing – get Rage Against The Machine to Chrimbo number 1 none of that X-Factor crap! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease! Do it just for me!

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