Thursday, January 22, 2009

little rant then i calm down....honnest!!

How can cinemas charge so much to see a film but still have the worst toilets?! every cinema i go to they smell, are dirty, no loo roll, the list is endless. we're paying £7/£8 a time to go and see a film and they can't even keep a place clean?! grr it annoys me so much!

thankfully i no longer pay these stupid prices to see a film cos i've now got an unlimited card for cineworld. it's ace! £11.99 a month and you can go and see as many films as you want, any time of the day and any cineworld cinema in the uk! bargain! i got it at the start of the month and so did adam, so now, every time we're at a loose end we end up going to see a film, which is great fun cos you end up seeing more than you normally would. i used to be unwilling to fork out a fortune to see a film that might not be any good but now it doesn't matter and i can even walk out if it's that bad!! the only downside to this is you think 'well seeing as i didn't pay to get in i'll just get some popcorn and a drink' and end up spending about £10 on snacks! doh!

my other little rant is children in cinemas. don't get me started on this!! they either need to have special screenings for kids or special screenings for adults where no kids are allowed in even if its a 'U' or a 'PG.' Or after 9 noone under 18 allowed! wow i'm getting old. i'm turning into my dad! yoink! :P 'Have I ever told you.........' ;)

my main reason for this blog wasn't to sound like one of those people on grumpy old men! i actually wanted to say i've seen 2 ace films this week and wanted to recomend them but instead ended up moaning about cineworld! doh. right back to the point of this thread.....go and see:
1. The Wrestler
2. Slumdog Millionaire
Both are brill films so if you're still reading this blog......STOP....and go to the cinema now! that's an order!


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