Tuesday, January 06, 2009

i'll be missing you.....

well it's not my usual jolly miss p post today i'm affraid. i think i've got the januray blues. i seem to be missing everyone now i'm back in london. i miss mum & dad, school mates, uni mates, india mates....you get the message. i had so much fun over chrimbo seeing loads of people and catching up that it went way to quick and didn't want it to end. can't believe it's all over now for another year. where did it go?!

it's great living in london in the hustle and bustle but sometimes the place can seem a bit lonely. maybe it's time to see what classes i can join to meet new people? oh and did i mention they need to be free as well?! i don't want much! :P

well hopefully my next blog will be a bit happier.........i really am turning into an emo!!!

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