Monday, January 26, 2009

little miss jet setter

Well I am officially a jet-setter! I went to Barcelona with work for the day on Friday! I went to a trade fair called Bread & Butter to see what was going on for A/W 2009/10. It all seemed good fun and glam to be popping off to Spain on my own to have a look around, that was until my alarm went off at 4:45am and some choice words came out of my mouth that I can’t type on here! The taxi picked me up to take me to Heathrow, this was all a blur really!

We arrived at Terminal 1 and I was evil! So so tired which isn’t good for me as most of you will know!! I was a right grumpy guts and it was a good job I was travelling on my own if I hadn’t have been I would have been disowned I think! There were no signs for the BA desk so had to ask and it was in a separate room and then couldn’t find the departure and security gates. It’s so badly signposted. I then went and waited at Costa coffee for way too long, there were about 20 people in front of me and only 1 person serving while another 4 people milled around. I asked very loudly if anyone else was going to serve us and they did rather quickly! Grr! After a bottle of coke (that didn’t even wake me up!) I walked to the gate it was then I realised I’d lost my pashmina somewhere in the terminal, who knows where, so I was tired and cold now! An even worse mix!

I boarded the flight and don’t even remember the safety briefing let alone taking off. I did up my seatbelt and I was asleep for the whole flight. The first thing I knew was the flight attendant was telling the hostesses "manual doors to cross check…blah blah blah…" and then he said "right everybody ready, put the cat out, miaow, and get ready to land!" I wasn’t sure if I was still dreaming or not and then once we’d landed he said "welcome to Barcelona the time is….the temp is….. if you’ve come on holiday I hope you have a good one, if you’ve been on holiday I hope it was a good one, if you’re on business I hope its successful and if you’ve been on business I hope it was successful! And in the words of Vera Lynn I hope we meet again some sunny day!" He was brill! As I got off the flight I told him "thank you you’ve really cheered me up!"

The show was really good and I got lots out of it. The weather was lovely too. Sunshine, blue skies and 14degrees! Can’t be bad! If that’s Spain in Jan I might be moving!! As well as looking round the stands I also saw the G-Star fashion show and the Wrangler stand had a wall of death where the motorbikes ride round and round a vertical wall! It was brill! I was loving the freebies too of course, getting all the it-bags and free hoodies, shoelaces, the lot! The one thing I couldn’t believe was the smoke. People were smoking everywhere, on the stands, in corridors, at the tables where we had lunch. Yuck! You really notice smoke now that it’s banned here it really stands out. One stand I went on I was asked if I owned my own business. That scared me! Do I look at old or more to the point that clever?! Eep!

When we flew back that evening I didn’t sleep at all partly cos I was engrossed in a really good book (Black Swan Green by David Mitchell if you’re interested!) and there were some rather nice dreadlocks in front of me! ;) when we came in to land we flew right over London and it looked so lovely all lit up. We went over Canary Warf, the London Eye, Barnes, etc and it reminded me why I like London and what brill city it really is!

Also one other question…..why is it that foreigners when they’re in London feel they have to shout even louder to their friends next to them as they walk down the street or on the tube?! Does their hearing go once they leave their own country or do they want us to know they’re foreign?! Wow I’m becoming an intolerant Londoner! Yoink!


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