Friday, January 02, 2009

back to the grindstone...well just for a day!

You know when you’ve decided to go back to work too early when the METRO (the free paper on the trains) hasn’t even started up again after the hols. Boo! Luckily I had my book with me otherwise who knows what would have happened I might have actually had to look around at other Londoners and acknowledge my surroundings! Eek scary stuff!

I was all looking forward to going back to work. Well actually I wasn’t that excited but I’d got myself in a nice positive mood and was ready for anything. That was everything up until 9:27am when I was so stressed already that I thought I would burst! Ah well the time off over chrimbo and new year has already been long forgotten and in the past! :S At least I’m only working today then got 2 more days off before having to start with a proper week of work.

NYE was good fun. Adam and I went to a pub near him with some of his mates and we drank the night away! Yoink! I did manage to have a bit of a boogie to Macarena and Saturday Night with Lisa (Ash’s girlfriend) but then when 5,6,7,8 came on I was on my own!! I was the only one doing it differently (tho the correct way I might add) to everyone else on the dancefloor! Haha. There I was surrounded by chavettes and girls who ‘think they it’ trying not to fall over in my amazingly high shoes and doing it all differently to them. I looked great as you can imagine! (BTW pics of the shoes to follow at a later date!). Adam, Ash, Lisa and I rang in the New Year with shots of Tequilla (which is made from a cactus, who says you learn nothing from crackers!!) and watched the fireworks in London on tv screens in the pub. They were brill. I will go and see them in real life one day seeing as I actually live in the city they’re going off in!

Now we’re in 2009. Crazy! I started the new year with a very bad headache (thatll learn me!) and the 4 of us from the night before ended up going out into the fresh air as I dragged them round a really nice lake and forest near Adams. No Bradgate Park though but this is London!! Think I scared Adam a bit by saying we should go for a walk once a week in some greenery, we’ve compromised with a couple of times a month so that’s good! Will have to look out for some new places to go to. We’ll be rambling next!! :P

Today I hated getting up before the sun had even risen and plodding off to work. Luckily Adam wasn’t working so he drove me to the station to save me having to wait for the bus in the cold which was nice. I then got no paper (this should have been my que to go home and give up! My routine’s already messed up!). I tried to get the overland from Vauxhall but to find there were no trains to where I needed to go to so ended up having to get a train 1 stop, a rail replacement bus 3 stops (the track was closed cos of holiday work, yes holiday work hence I should still be on holiday!) and another train 1 stop. Could have walked that last bit quicker I think! Not looking forward to the journey back to Adam’s later. I think all the thinking that I had to do this morning has fried my brain, normally I just do that journey without thinking…..get up, get on bus, get on tube, sleep on tube, get on train, read paper, walk to work, but today nothing was as it normally is, I didn’t even sleep between Walthamstow and Vauxhall! I’ve also lost the ability to walk. I’ve fell over or knocked into things so often today that each time I do it in the office now everyone giggles! Not quite the best start to the year as I was hoping, but I’ll get there!

Anyways Celeb Big Brother tonight! Woop Woop!

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