Saturday, December 06, 2008

we're having a party, everybody's swinging......

I've never been so squashed, bumped, pushed and had so much beer in my hair but still so damn happy as I was last night!! yup you guessed it it was The Gaslight Anthem gig at the Mean Fiddler! :D

Adam and I made our way to the front and got there eventually after having a bit of a run in with a guy on the front row who'd obviously never been at the front of a gig before cos he shouted at me to stop pushing and I pointed out to him that maybe he wanted to tell the hundreds of other people pushing me as well?! That did stop him complaining everytime I was squashed into him so I made sure I pushed him a bit harder than I needed to! :P I managed to get on the front about half way through tho so that was cool! It was such a great gig again, tho didn't feel as intimate as when we saw them at the ULU where we were right on the front of the stage with no security barrier! The group still looked as if they were having such a great laugh all the way through and it was brill being able to sing along to all the songs now cos I didn't know them before. I'm still on a high now and have thankfully got most of my voice back! I was shouting a bit too much I think cos there was a drunk couple on the nightbus home who I had a natter with, well I say natter, but all I could managed was a bit of a gruff noise cos my voice had completely gone!! :S

The other great bit of the night was when I was waiting for Adam the drummer from Gaslight walked past me and i grinned at him. He did a double take cos noone else had recognised him on the street then about 10min later he walked back the other way and I tapped him on the arm and said 'good luck for tonight!' He said that was sweet and thanked me! *swoon* hehe. He was also standing at the bar in the Mean Fiddler while the support act and noone else had twigged it was him but I just watched him! :P Stalker-ish?! Me?! Never!! Muah-ha-ha

Well all I can say is roll on February for their next gig!! ;)

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