Friday, December 26, 2008

well i don't feel like dancin'.........

....especially when cleaning my teeth!! one of my presents from santa this year was a musical toothbrush! it playes scissor sisters 'i don't feel like dancin'' through your jaw as you brush your teeth! it plays for 2min then stops so you can time cleaning your teeth too if you really want to! hehe.

another place noone really felt like dancing was hinckley. met up with michelle, mel & keira on christmas eve eve for our traditional drinks and it was as if it was a normal night out. noone else around was in a very festive spirit, none of the pubs were decorated with christmas decorations or played any christmas music. we were gutted! it was still lovely catching up with the girlies though and we made the most of being together. eventhough i was 'des' for the night (designated driver) i still ended up walking around in someone elses shoes!! i always manage to go out in comfier shoes and then feel sorry for whoever has the crippling shoes on. i wore michelle's skyhigh boots a couple of years ago and then swapped my comfy docs for mel's strappy heels the other night and thought i was going to break my neck walking to the car!

it's been lovely being home since the 19th. adam and i drove up straight after work with his christmas mix that he'd made for the journey blaring out on the stereo and he stayed till crimbo morning which was lovely when he headed home to see his family. it's really nice being home and relaxing in the peace and quiet of the countryside. :) aaah! looking forward to getting back to the hustle and bustle of london though on the 28th and also seeing adam again. :)

the other highlight of the holidays has been jigsaws! how old are we?! adam, mum and i have done two 1000 piece jigsaws and enjoyed them thoroughly! ah well better go deal or no deal's on then i'm gonna to some knitting.....who says i'm getting old! ;)


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