Tuesday, December 30, 2008

time flies.....

i can't believe in a couple of days it will be 2009 and this blog will be 4 years old! crazy eh?! i wonder if anyone except my parents still read this?!

well i'm back in london now. can't believe chrimbo is all over for another year and i won't be seeing m&d till April now unless they come to London beforehand. it all went too quick. was a bit sad to say bye to them on sunday but at least i've got adam with me here in london and i can't have the best of both worlds! greedy guts!

before coming back to london mum and i decided to hit the sales which we dont normally do. we left the house at 9am to be in leics ready for when the shops opened but didn't really need to worry about it cos it wasn't really as busy as we were expecting. as we left about 1:30 it was getting busier so i think we went at the same time. it was worth the early start!! i ended up getting 2 pairs of jeans and 2 tops which was cool. i would have had more pairs of jeans if River Island hadn't closed their fitting rooms and i wasn't willing to buy 5 pairs of jeans just to see which fitted then return the rest. its too much effort and i don't think my card would have coped! M&S and Next were doing the same and closing their changing rooms it drove me mad! also what you had bought you coudn't return till the 29th cos the shops were too busy......well open your stupid changing rooms and then people wouldn't have to return anywhere near as much! i was even willing to queue to try stuff on! grrrr!

i also went to oxford street yesterday and thought i was being a bit stupid going there during the sales but it was actually pretty quiet too, propbably less people than on a normal saturday. i ended up getting some pretty high platforms that are pretty damn sexy.....well till i fall off them and break my leg after a few too many sailor jerrys!! :P

i came back to my room yesterday to tidy up and sort stuff out and i ended up lighting some candles. yes thats right...candles. i never do candles, so that was a bit weird! i've spent most of today shreading too so the excitement's all here! i can hardly contain myself! i'm off to a little pub near adam's with some of his mates for NYE and also catching up with arth during the day which'll be cool. it'll be a fairly quiet one but a quiet one supplied with ale so thats all fine and dandy!!

all thats left to say to my readers (if i have any!) is:



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