Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas is coming! (in case you hadn't realised!!)

I’ve just got 3 days left of work and London then it’s lots of R&R until Jan! :D I really can’t wait for Chrimbo this year it’s going to be ace cos I’m not working at all and I’ve got time off! Adam and I are driving home on Friday for lots of part-ay’s and scrummy food then he’ll drive back on Christmas Day to see his family. Can’t wait to see mum & dad properly, not seen them for a decent amount of time since my birthday. :( Got to make sure I relax well tho cos in Jan I’m off to India in the 1st week then Florence the week after. All systems go again!

Adam and I went to a college to do a talk all about the design industry on Monday which went really well and I got a free table loom out of it! I was dead chuffed! Don’t think mum and dad are though at the thought of having to store it "‘till I get space in London for it" hmm how about never?! :P Will be good fun to get weaving again that’s for sure. I’ve really missed it.

Oh and the exhibitionist strikes again! Adam and I are in Kerrang on the letters page with Gaslight Anthem! (Had to get a reference of them on my blog somehow!!) On sale now! :P


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