Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hobnobbing with the stars

Yup that’s me alright! Had a lovely couple of days off with Adam at the start of this week for his birthday. It started off with us going for a tour round the Emirates Stadium (Arsenal’s home ground) and being taken round by one of the ‘legends.’ The guy who took us round was John Radford and he used to play for Arsenal in the 60s. It was really great getting taken round the dressing rooms, directors suite, pitch side and the press room while hearing all about his old stories from when he used to play. We also got a signed photo of him at the end which was quite cool as well as a little goodie bag.

As if this wasn’t enough our next stop was Carnaby Street to the Vans shop to wait for one of our favourite bands, The Gaslight Anthem, to do a signing in there. And wait was what we definitely did!! We got there a little early to say the least (:P) and seeing how cold it is at the moment the staff took pity on us and let us sit on the sofa in store to keep warm! Other fans finally started showing up and so we started the queue just outside the back door. The band walked in just like normal guys with their hoods up and noone taking any notice of them cos they aren’t that famous over here yet (they’re from America). As soon as I saw them I thought I was going to be sick with excitement! My knees started knocking together and my hands were shaking. It was ALMOST, almost I say, at steps excitement! It was so much fun! Cos we’d been there for a while we’d made friends with the staff and seeing as we were at the front of the line we asked for a photo with the whole band and we got one! Noone else did! :D We also got some posters signed, a cd and the photos I’d taken at their gig in August. The band were really impressed with my shots, especially the drummer, he said noone ever manages to shoot him! The lead guitarist wanted to know how he could get a copy of one of my pictures so I gave it to him and also gave the lead singer a spare one of him! They were such a lovely band and really thankful of us being there and what we said to them. Adam and I were so glad they weren’t up themselves or snotty, they were just how we imagined and the kind of lads you’d want to take home to your mum!!
The Gaslight fun doesn’t stop there. We’re off to see them on Friday at the Mean Fiddler! Woop woop!
Yesterday Adam and I had a quiet day on his actual birthday. We did a little shopping and went to see the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park which was quite cool. They had a fairground and a German market there. In the evening we went to an ace little bar in St Chad’s Place near Kings Cross. It was a converted barn and only had about 70 seats and not much more standing room. We met up with his mates Phil & George & their misses’ and had a good old natter and el vino did flow (well not wine, but rum! Mmm).

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