Tuesday, November 11, 2008

popping out for a poppy

Well its that time of year again when i report back & say how many poppies Ive had to buy & replace. Well amazingly enough the answer is none! Wonders will never cease! The same cant be said for the rest of london tho......i decided to do my bit this year & went to collect money for the poppy people at heathrow airport last saturday & the most common thing that was said to me.....'this is my 2nd, 3rd, 4th poppy this year i just keep losing them!' ha so im not alone!
I did quite well though & managed to sell all but 10 of my poppies in the box & ill find out how much i raised later on.

I was on my own for most of the time until a man dressed in his raf jacket & was about 70 showed up with his poppies & wife in tow. He saw me & said 'ah a volunteer thats what i like to see' so i thought id finally have a nice friendly man to chat to until, plonk, hed set up his little table right infront of me so i was completely blocked & couldnt be seen. I wasnt best impressed & had to walk round the poppy man statue & stand somewhere else so i could be seen. Chuh some people! My faith in old people was restored tho when a little old lady who looked late 70s came up to me & said shed lost her first love in the 1st world war & that she was 94! I wanted to hug her! She gave me £2 & said she felt better now. Aww.

My spot where i was collecting wasnt good for me cos it was right by security at departures so everyone was saying bye to people & getting sad & i was getting dragged into it as well cos im so soppy! Doh!

Well thats it for another year lets see if i can keep up my ability not to loose poppies next year.


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