Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming.......

Well it's officially Christmas! :D The Coca Cola advert came on today with the trucks driving along. I was so gutted last year when they only had the trucks in the background and now they're back! yay!
it's so flipping freezing at the moment too it's definately reminding me its winter. I love it. Tho I wasn't so happy when I got up this morning with no heating and couldn't work out how to work the stupid boiler! but I turned lots of knobs and flicked switches and it's now working tho goodness knows how to turn it off! :S

I went Christmas shopping with Adam yesterday on Oxford Street and Covent Garden which was fun, busy but fun! The lights were brilliant, Carnaby Street had huge inflatable snowmen, Regent Street had blankets of little tiny lights creating a canopy and Covent Garden had tubes of lights hanging from the covered market and the lights ran down the tubes making it look like snow. So that all helped me to feel Christmassy as well.

I'm getting to that very excitable stage now where every little things gets me hyped up! Good luck Adam!! Well, only 26 days to go then I'll calm down again for another year!!


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