Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mirror mirror on the wall.......

Went to a very emo gig at Lufbra students union last night & felt scarily old. Im only 24! I think it must have been an over 16s gig cos there were quite a few parents lined up on the sofas waiting for their little darlings to finish moshing & be tucked up in bed before midnight!
One of the main qualities of an emo that sets them apart from any other person is the hair & how much it means to them. This was made most obvious by one teenager who would be on the dancefloor one minute then running up to one of the decorative mirrors on the walls & checking his hair constantly! This was infront of everyone! Thing is he was messing up the back but just looking at the front & he had one of the shortest & unstylable haircuts he could have! I felt possitively manly next to him seeing as i hadnt checked my hair since id left the house half an hour before! :-S think i better get practising checking myself out in anything that can be classed as a mirror, either that or emo guys need to get some testosterone!

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