Thursday, November 27, 2008

in out, in out, shake it all about!

i'd forgotten about how fluid places can be with people coming and going in and out of your life.

when i came back from b'lore i'd started to understand that people come and go to different cities and countries but once i was back in lufbra i went back to my same old ways and thought people would always be around. once i graduated i realised things would change a little and i wouldn't still be seeing the same flatmates and coursemates all the time but they'd still be in the same country and only a few hours away by train. this week things changed again and 2 of my mates in london, one ex-flatmate one current flatmate both are returning to Australia :( it's a weird feeling wondering when/if i'll ever see them again and i don't like it! i had these same feelings when i left india in 2005 and thankfully i was back just over a year later and saw everyone again but with aus i'm really not sure when i'll get out there. in 100,000 airmiles time i think :S better get jet setting again soon! :P

its weird thinking that the person i'd see once every few weeks for a drink or who i'd sit infront of the tv watching hollyoaks every night with wont be there from sucks a bit to be honnest! at least i've still got my other mates and adam with me thankfully. i'm definately the kinda gal that needs company!

well on that rather solomn bombshell i'm off to bed!! have a safe flight guys and i'll be thinking of ya!

also my thoughts go out to everyone in Mumbai. take care.


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