Sunday, February 18, 2007

Are you ready to rock and or roll?!

Im writing this on the bus back to london after a weekend in lufbra with the gang. Not sure if theres been an accident or its road works but we aint going anywhere fast so i thought id do my blog!

It was cool to catch up with everyone cos id not been in lufbra since november time i think. It was arf, mattay, tricky, sam, anna, dave, john, niall & sarah think thats it sorry if i missed you out! :-S on the friday night we decided to try a rocky club called mosh in Leics & it was ace, a really cool venue! Had a few drinks in the orange tree first where i bumped into will from art college who i aint seen since i was 16 & obsessed with steps! Hehe. When we got into mosh we headed downstairs into the gaudi bar & it was all really cool & gothic looking & they played lots of old rock stuff that we sang along to & we had a good jump around to madness! There wasnt as much dancing going on as i was expecting but we were all really tired & sat & caught up with gossip mainly!

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fun_savvy said...

Hi there...

Definitely... your blog's still getting hits :) keep those fingers tapping!

When's your next trip planned to India??