Tuesday, February 13, 2007

are you sitting comfortably?! then ill begin a really long post!

I know, I know I keep saying ill get better at blogging but I really don’t do I?! been out quite a lot recently so not had many nights in to just sit and write my blog and on the days I did stay in I really didn’t feel like blogging, I just felt like sleeping! Right lame excuses out the way ill get on with my post!! :-S

Since I last posted it snowed again and it was even better than last time. I decided to walk to work cos I didn’t want to risk the busses and trains being all messed up and it was great fun! The snow was still falling and I made sure I trod on the new clean snow where noone else had walked as much as I can! (Im such a kid!!) I love it when its dry snow and you can hear and feel it crunching beneath your feet! I was grinning all the way to work, its official, snow makes me smile! :-) I even got to wear my platform trainers cos they were the only shoes I had that were fully waterproof, had great grip and kept my trousers dry. They were dead comfy too……till I fell in a hole in Camden!! It wasn’t really the shoes fault the road was all wet and I thought it was just lying on the surface but there was actually a hole! Yoink! Hehe. Thatll learn me to go to Camden! We went to see a group called the maharajas. They were so funny! Such a good group to see live! ( www.myspace.com/themaharajasstrikeback ) It was basically 3 guys, a mixing desk type thing, no instruments and some brilliant lyrics! Hehe. ITS NOT YOUR MONEY…….ITS MY MONEY! :-P

Another good venue ive been to is the 12 bar club just off Tottenham Court Road. It’s really small inside and the stage is in a black room with a balcony just above it. the music was a big folky and was brill. One girl, Alessi, was really good. She had an amazing voice and lovely lyrics. Check her out www.myspace.com/alessimusic

Another band I need to big up is W.I.T! I have to do this seeing as im one of the official groupies of the band now ;-) (brings back memories of India and being told I was a groupie of a certain tennis player!). well ive now moved on from tennis and im now the groupie of the guitar player – Adam! Check them out anyways www.myspace.com/witband

I went to see the comedy store players the other week. They were so so funny. It was just like ‘who’s line is it anyway’ and it was fantastic! Such a giggle! If you ever get a chance to go you really should!

Also at the end of January it was our boss’ leaving ‘doo’ from work and we went out for an Indian. The meal was lovely and so was the restaurant, tho it was a bit pricey and I got told off for taking photos at the table by the waiters. They said they didn’t allow photography inside! cheek! The best part of the night was the drive to the restaurant cos we’d arranged for her to be picked up in an Ambassador car and for it to drive her to the place on Regent Street! Work decided I should go with her too so that was brill!

It was such a giggle and the car had lots of different comedy sounds as the horn! People were staring as we drove through Hammersmith cos of the strange noises, the car cos it looked so lovely and the waft of incense as we passed by them!! It was so funny!

So yeah, all in all ive been having a great time and lots of fun! :-) hope you have been too!

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