Friday, December 15, 2006

gizza kiss! :-P

I was all excited the other day cos I got some mistletoe! Ive never had any before! It hasn’t made my chrimbo any more exciting yet tho! Doh! Theres still time I guess! Hehe.

Its really weird at the mo cos it doesn’t seem like Christmas. I went out to the tnt party last night and I was walking through the streets without my coat on. Its really mild and doesn’t feel like December at all. Im quite disappointed! I want a cold Christmas when I can wrap up warm in big coats and hats! Doesn’t look like its going to be a white chrimbo that’s for sure. The jewler in Leicester is safe for another year!!

Work’s winding down to chrimbo now and we are all passing the time by eating the chocolates customers have got for us! Cant be bad eh?! Though I keep eating too many and feeling sick! Looking forward to my first proper chrimbo party next Thursday too. Just wish I could get in the festive spirit. Its weird the way that the weather can make such a big difference but it really has done to me this year! Bring on the coldness! Brrr! Hehe.


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Slink said...

aaah loverly global warming... :)