Monday, February 13, 2006

pj ma eyes!!!!

sorry its taken so long to blog! ive been busy(ish) and also not really done anything very exciting!!! friday night slink and sook both came to lufbra to visit which was ace! niall came later on too. we started off with a good old dominos and then moved onto the orange tree and newshouse for a few drinky-poos before rock night at echos.
it was ok in echos, it seemed a bit quieter than last time and i didnt know as many songs also it was flipping freezing in the white room! i kept my gloves on all night! (now they smell of vodka and coke tho :-S!!) i also didnt drink that much so i didnt have my 'beer jacket' on this time which made a difference i think!!! it was nice to see everyone again tho and we had a giggle.
on saturday everyone went (sook went at a really stupid hour of the morning and of course muggins here had to let him out!!! chuh! :-P hehe). at about 4pm rfa and i realised that the new series of 24 was starting on sunday and we hadnt seen any of series 4 so we ended up not moving from our sofa for the rest of the weekend!! we watched about 12 hours on sat then went to bed at 4am, rfa woke me up on sun at 10am to watch the rest before the new series began!! my eyes were so sore after all that tv watching!! i always thought i could do a tv marathon of 24 but its alot harder than it sounds believe me!!! was worth it tho cos series 5 was ace!! cant wait for next sunday now!!
i think ill update my photoblog later today with loads of odds and ends so check back there tomorrow and there should be some photos for peep to download if they want them!!

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