Friday, February 03, 2006

celebrate good times, come on!!!

yesterday i celebrated one of my last few days of freedom before my final project begins by going to waterworld in stoke. its the uks no.1 indoor tropical water park apparently (the theme tune drilled it into me!). i went with rfa and matt-ay it was ace! some of the flumes scared me, i went on most of them but that wasnt without being pushed onto them in the first place!!! one ride was called the space bowl - i was a short flume ride into a huge bowl that you span round before being dropped into a pool of water! it was........interesting! it was a bit scary and then once id found the ladder to get out i couldnt climb down it cos i was too scared!! hehe. not sure why i got so worried, i love alton towers and all the scary rides to bits! add water and i turn into a right wimp! we ended up staying there for about 2/3hours and had a wicked time, it went well fast! unfortunately the hottubs werent on so we couldnt relax in there, if they had been on we'd probably have stayed there another 2hours!!

in a mo im handing in my dissertation then tonight em becca and i are off the celebrate in our hottub again, this time with champers! mmmm!



Anonymous said... someone a little "hot-tub" obsessed??! hmmmmm. enjoy the champers!

ktp05 said...

indeed i am! hehe! who are you phantom blogg commentor?!?!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh! it's ella from MMT :) water-park sounds bo-ace! next texiles social me thinks!! x