Monday, February 20, 2006

here hey come to save the day..............!

SUPER NOODLES!!!!! they are ace! perfect for all occasions!

ive not eaten any solid food for three days (its all self inflicted, ive just had my tonue pierced!), and as i was moping around the kitchen looking for something to drink thats not water, squash or slim fast and figured that if i let the noodles cool down and i over-cook them into more of a mush they are perfect!! i take my hat off to the guy who invented super noodles, they are saving me now and they saved me while i was in india when i needed to cook something for dinner and there they were! they taste good and idiots who cant cook like me can make them which is a bonus too!

yeah and the major thing i sort of brushed over in the above paragraph is that ive had my tongue pierced!! ive always wanted it done and on saturday i finally plucked up the courage (with rfa and mattays help) and got it done! didnt hurt too much either. its very peaceful in the house too cos i cant talk much. maybe this silence will result in more blog posts? who knows?!

thats about it for now, im just about to try to gum my noodles!

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