Thursday, October 13, 2005

moaning minnie!

thats me alright. i feel dead sorry for rfa and rikster having to put up with me over the past week. ive really struggled with this stupid project amongst other things and so today i finally decided to completely change my direction! 'off the beaten track' has been rejected big time, im now doing lots of bright wacky colours and patterns to do with lighting both man made and natural (i.e clubbing (an excuse to go out and 'study'!!) and lightning). ive only been doing it half a day and im already really liking it! phew! was starting to get worried about never having any inspiration again! im also on the textile committee for our final degree show which is quite cool. we have to raise £45,000 in 3 years so that we can take our degree show from lufbra to london for potential employers to see. dont think the fundraising is going too badly, my 'non-steps month' in my first year sponsorship money will definately help to contribute to this! seems like ages ago now (well it was 4 years ago!).

was going to go out last night to hey ewe again but 'lost' attracted my attention and also we couldnt be bothered to que up woth all those freshers! grr! i really love lost its such an ace program, expecially charlie! ;-) mmm hehe. really adictive too, i think its about on par with 24 for me although i know many who would disagree with that comment!

off to a 'future fabrics symposium' tomorrow at 'the hub' in sleaford, should be interesting, although i am the only student going! (such a geek!) at least its a day out and foods provided so ill be able to eat properly! therell be lots of tutors and lecturers there and then me stuffing my face with as much 'free' food as i can get! guess whos the student?!?! couldnt cope the other day cos rfa was out the house till 7pm so i had noone to cook me tea, i ended up going online and ordering dominos pizza! how lazy can you get?! i could even be bothered to actually call up and speak to someone! students eh?!

one last thing for you to ponder over......when is dinner?! (i know ive had this disscussion with about everyone of my mates at least once!) but i was going on about it the other day and we actually found out that 'dinner' as well as meaning lunch or tea can also be used for breakfast! so im now even more confused, which one is it?! im still sure that it goes breakfast, dinner, tea!



sam said...

aw glad u now have inspiration babe, likin the sound of the new project - any excuse to strut ur stuff hey :o)

and charlie mmmhhhmmm yeah baby :P

btw once and for all: breakfast, LUNCH, tea, lol


Slink said...

I have to put an end to this nonsense:

For anyone daft enough not to know:

It's BREAKFAST, DINNER (bar a sandwich which classes as a lunch), then TEA. Plus supper for laters.


fun_savvy said...

Thanks for responding to my note... looks like life has gotten you busy as well... :-)
me... like earlier on the bed, now graduated from mere bandage to a cast :-P... frustrustrating it is for I can't even drive myself out now Yuck!... stuck for another 3 weeks... hooked on to TV and movies... all day long... work and sleep are intermediary activities... I think the whole of "lost" is addictive... the girls are gorgeously so... :-D hehe!

45K$ is a huge sum... I am sure even Tony Blair didn't spend as much on the whole Iraq war as much you are preparing to battle it out with the prospective employers ;-)

Anyway all the best... take care... Tell Saemus my hi and that its me who's turned green now seeing every other enjoying themselves out there in the pubs/lounges while I am stuck with this helpless leg ;-)