Monday, October 03, 2005

ktp the finalist

well i start uni tomorrow, back to the studio, back to the grindstone! im a finalist! nooooo! makes me sound well old, i seem to be one of the only ones graduating this year out of my mates which is weird, most people have got at least another year left. everyones moved back in now and im no longer a loner in the cos house rfa and rikster are here which is nice. had ross, mat and matta2ie here tonight for a chinese, was really nice to catch up.

yet agin i had loads to say when i logged on but i really cant remember any of it now! last friday i went to FND (friday night disco) at the union with nat, leon, garry, steve and andy, it was a good laugh and would have been great if it wasnt for the freshers! grrr! hehe they all look about 10yrs old, i know i was like that once but surely wasnt as annoying?!?! :-P it was like a club 18-30s holiday! saw sarah cox from radio one, she was the dj for a bit of the night and was ok, nothing amazing! went on the dancefloor for a bit but it was so packed it was crazy!

ive settled in well to the student lifestyle again, its even better with cable tv and no work at the mo! im making the most of my last hours of freedom! its nice to look out my bedrom window now and always see people around. its so busy compared to how it was during the last week. bet the residentsof lufbra are glad we are all back! :-S haha!

called a few people from india today, i spoke to surya from work and sumitha. it was lovely chatting to them and seeing what theyve been up to. been madly trying to stick all my photos into albums at the mo, im getting there, done 2 1/2 out of 6 albums! argh!

isnt it strange how some songs just set you off crying?! just had my ipod on and 'half light' by athlete came on and set me off, actually that whole album makes me cry! other songs that set me off are 'if youre not the one' by daniel bedingfield, 'i know him so well' by steps and 'dry your eyes mate' by the streets. im such a soppy cow! need to find some music to cheer me up now so i can go back to enjoying slobbing out and being a student once more! *snif*


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