Monday, October 31, 2005

are you dancin? are you askin? well i'm askin! then i'm dancin!

the words of a great philosopher above (jade goody!!!). the reason for this?! well ive just treated myself to a dance mat! hehe! it came through the post yesterday morning and i got it out today and have been jumping around for most of the day! i even got rfa and rikster on it at one point! hehe. the reason for buying it is that i wanna get some exercise and i thought this would be the best way to do it. well its worked so far! have to see if im still using it in a week or two! another thing ive been doing this week is badminton. rfa and i have been about 3 times this week, im getting better, its a good job really seeing as the first time i went with him i stood still and waited for the shuttlecock to come to me!! oops!

went out and bought some dettol the other day for my ears where they were pierced a while ago. the only trouble was that i put it on neat, without diluting it! needless to say it stung just a little bit and now all the skin is flaking! whoops! hehe! thatll learn me to read the instructions first!! :-S

this afternoon we watched some of 'the wall' by pink floyd, i think i understood it but we havent finished it yet so ill see how it goes! better go now cos malcom in the middle is on then its top gear! woohoo!


p.s just read this entry back and almost bored myself to sleep so sorry if it a bit dull! :-S

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