Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Blast from the past

Last weekend was spent rummaging through ma&pa's loft reliving my childhood!
Lisa & I had been chatting away about toys we had when we were little so I wanted to see what I still had. It was so much fun going through my suitcase of Slyvanian Families, bags of TY's & a box of My Little Ponies & Keepers. They brought back so many memories, mum & I had such a giggle going through them while Adam just looked scared as things got more pink & glittery as we went on!
The best bit was the last box full of My Littlest Pet Shop. Each animal had been packed in a sandwich bag with it's own props & description! I must have spent more time putting them away than actually playing with them! The funny thing was as soon as I started un-bagging them (still keeping them in their groups so they went back in the right places!) I knew exactly what each little animal did & how all the props worked & fitted together....it must be like the Steps dances, filed away in the back of my brain with all the other useless stuff 'till I need to use it again! 

The last one I unpacked was the hospital, I'd kept everything from the tiny plasters to the x-rays all neat & tidy, then I spotted the notebook...I'd written down how the animals were feeling & kept track of them while playing! At this point mum jumped in to ask if I was ever a lonely child?! Truth is I wouldn't have swapped my time as a kid for the world it was awesome & I'm so glad I can re-live it in ma&pa's attic anytime I want! Now who's for a game of Mouse Trap?!

Ttfn x


LAP said...

Twas a lovely time and so many memories !!! xxx

ktpland said...

I know! Muchos fun! x