Thursday, October 24, 2013

But which goes first...the jam or the cream?!

I'm still none the wiser! I realised I hadn't finished my post about my birthday road trip to Cornwall (only 2 months late!)...see part one HERE.

After we woke up & showered in the corner of the room while the other watched tv (still weird!) it was time for the main part of the B in B&B. I always judge a pub B&B on whether they serve black pudding as part of their Full English or not. Alas there was no black pudding but there was Hog's Pudding which I'd never had before & it was really good so we'll let them off!
 photo 8foweyandpar_zps50320b77.jpg
Seeing as the weather the day before had been a bit grotty it was a real treat to wake up to blue skies & sunshine. First of all we stopped off at Par beach & sat soaking up the sun for a bit before setting off to Fowey.
 photo 9fowey_zpsd0353dc0.jpg
Fowey had been recommended to Adam by someone from work & we loved it, such a pretty place! Seeing as we were in Cornwall there were two things we had to have before we went back to the smoke - Cornish ice cream (tick) & a cream tea (tick) though I'm not sure if I put the jam & cream on in the right order - according to me it's always jam then cream, the other way round is just odd!

Yay for weekend's away!
Ttfn x

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