Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rock N Choc!

Sitting in heavy traffic on the journey home after one of the best new festivals of the year! Rock N Choc was so exclusive most of you will not have even heard about it but slink, niall, rfa, adam & i sure did!

It all began yesterday morning at cadbury world in bournville. I hadn't been there since i was about 12 & it's improved so much. It's brill! We got about 4 free bars of chocolate as well as a cup of warm melted chocolate with a mixture of sweets/biscuits of your choice. It was pure heaven! The information was great as well, but come on do you really go for that or the chocolate?!

We then went into brum for a bit of a shop (gotta love the oasis market bit!) & a rather Yummy japanese meal.

Our next stop was slink & nialls house to chillax, eat pizza, drink ale, play wii & get ready for the rock part! It felt great to be getting ready to go to a rock night again. It's been far too long!

We got a train back into brum & walked to eddies. What an ace place! It was an old working mans club & hadn't changed one bit. It still had the same carpet & pool tables & bar, the only thing to change was the music!!

They played all the classics, some of which i only recognised cos they're on guitar hero! Yoink! But we all screamed along to rage & system & jumped along to less than jake! Just like the good old days!! We stayed till about 3am then got a taxi back. What an ace day!

We all woke up today though realising we're all a bit old for moshing! My knees had gone & so's my back & rfa & niall had bad necks! We looked like o.a.p's! We all hobbled into lichfield to have a wander round & went into the cathedral (wow!) & then to dr johnson's house to see his dictionary (can't believe it was free to get in! Definately go if you can it's very interesting!).

Well the traffic is now moving again & we're almost home so i'll sign off for now. I need to re-arrange the cushion supporting my back!


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