Monday, March 23, 2009

the one time you want to hear You're Fired!

If like me you're fed up of hearing about the recession & how you can't afford to do anything, then don't worry this isn't where this posts going!

My new regular outing at the moment is tv & radio shows! You get such a fun night out &you can easily do it on your own without looking too sad! (It's quite nice having some 'me' time that's not just in my room!) The most important thing is that IT'S FREE!

I've been to loads of shows now & i'm currently in line for the apprentice talk show! I've been to quiz shows, chat shows, radio's brill!

As well as an entertaining evening with the celebs you get to see all the shows behind the scenes & it's so interesting. Sometimes if i'm on the front row i forget to watch the presenter & end up watching the camera crew & what's going on behind the set! Hopefully i won't ever end up on tv gawping around completely in my own little world!!

On that note i think it's almost time to go in. Hope i get a seat (the one downside of these tickets!).

Ttfn xxx

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