Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just like!

Well Spring has definitely sprung for me now. I’ve just come back from an India trip for a week working on Spring/Summer 2010. I went on my own which was cool and it went really well. Got loads done and lots of exciting development. Shirts will be pretty damn good that summer may I say so myself! :P It was so lovely to be out in the sunshine and warmth of Mumbai, even if it was just for a week. Also got to see the hanging gardens finally that I’ve heard so much about and I even climbed the shoe (those of you who have been there will know what I mean! I’d say it’s more famous than the Gate of India! :P) I had my typically relaxing evening at the Leela before I flew too which was nice I sat there for 3 hours just picking at the dishes (they had pani puri, how ace?!) and sipping on my Old Monk. Aaaah!

It's been quite nice since I got back from India cos I've felt very pro-active about lots of things which makes a nice change instead of not being bothered! The sun shining back here (eventhough it's not very often) makes a difference too I think.

It was also that time of year again……….Reel Big Fish! Haha. Much to Adam’s dismay bless him! He was very patient while I bounced around though and held onto my bag! Can’t believe how many songs I didn’t know though. Crazy! Also there weren’t many 14 year olds jumping around for once they were mainly students so it was less of a frantic evening, wow I sound old!!

On that bombshell I think it’s past my bed time better get on my stanner stairlift! :P

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