Wednesday, February 25, 2009

we built this city on rock and roll...well not anymore!

i was comp shopping around town yesterday and it struck me how sad parts of london are looking now. i know a lot of places like around tottenham court road are being redeveloped (i'll get back to that later!) but it just looks like the city is closing down. all the zavvi stores are standing empty, as are many woolies (tho there aren't any in central london) and a whole row of shops near piccadilly circus are all boarded up and others are filled with so many tacky souvenier shops. to any visitor it would really look like a city thats feeling a bit sorry for itself. :( come on london cheer up!

i can't believe that whole area of oxford stree/tottenham court road has all gone, it's still weird to think they've closed down the astoria, mean fiddler/la2/whatever you want to call it(!) and metro club. they went a while ago but every time i walk past them it makes me sad to think there'll be no more ace gigs going on around there. the astoria was such an iconic venue and now all 3 of them including other shops and bars are going to become offices, shops and a newly developed tube station. it sucks! like we need any more shops. give us back our gigging venues. grrr. i've been to so many gigs at the mean fiddler and astoria and adam played a gig at the mtero club. the london big-wigs claim they're going to build another venue but who knows when that will happen. At least we've still got shepherds bush empire, the hammersmith appollo (and no i refuse to call it the hmv appollo!) and brixton academy in the south and loads more in camden but nothign in the middle. boo. i just hope no more venues close for new flats. fine we're building lots of places for people to live but they're going to have anything to do when they actually move in, just like walthamstow dog track.....don't get me started on that!


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