Monday, February 02, 2009

let it snow! let it snow! let it snow! :)

couldn't believe it when i opened my curtains this morning and i was greeted with this sight! london never gets snow like this!

I can't get to work. The busses have all been cancelled and most of the underground and overland have been too! crazy! it's still snowing now and it's not just small flakes, they're pretty big!

i decided to wade my way to asda to get some rations! :P and it was brill. just like being a little kid again! i took my camera with me and ended up walking into the cemetry to get some lovely shots, a bit morbid i know but then again i am a wannabe emo!! i still can't believe how deep it is. i went to walk out the front door and the snow was about 30cm deep against our door!

the only rubbish thing is that i've not got anyone to enjoy the snow with. i'm stranded in south london and adam's in north london. boo! the victoria line is working so i could walk about 2hrs to vauxhall and get to him that way or if i wanted to walk the whole way it would take me about 7hrs! should have left last week really!! i want someone to make a snowman with! :(

anyway ttfn i've got all important day time tv to get into. trisha first methinks! :P


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