Monday, February 16, 2009

Challenge Annika eat your heart out!

A group of us went out for Emhen's birthday last night and we went for a meal at Zizi's on The Strand after a few drinks. When we got there I asked if there was anything they could do for Em's birthday but they said they'd just run out of candles. I asked if there was anything else they could do and they said that if I wanted I could go to Tescos at Trafalgar Square (this was 9pm on a Sunday bear in mind!) and get some candles from there. So off I went pretending I needed to call Adam outside and pegged it to the end of the road.

It felt just like Challenge Annika tho I don't think my bum would have looked as good in the jumpsuit! :P Tescos had nothing so I tried 4 other shops. What did I come out with?! Proper household candles for powercuts! That was all anyone had so it would have to do.

I went back to the restaurant, red faced and out of breath from running (again Annika never looked this knackered!), handed the candles to the waitress and barman and I thought they were going to wet themselves laughing when they saw the size of them! Apprently they were hoping to put the candles in Em's pizza but I told them to wait till desert when it would be more likely to stand in a gooey chocolate mess! And that's exactly what they did..........................

What a proper giggle! Was lovely to catch up with Emhen again before she's off on more amazing travels. All the best chuck!

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