Wednesday, January 17, 2007

ktp update newsflash!

well ive been off work sick the past 3 days so thought i better update my blog finally with something interesting. well maybe i wont achieve that in your eyes but it'll have been interesting to me!! hehe. also itll pass some time! this is in brief what ive been doing:

i went to see spamalot (the monty python musical) the other week at the palace theatre and it was ace! so so funny! i had a brilliant night out. it was based on the holy grail but had enough twists to make it a bit different. its definately worth seeing! thumbs up! :D

at the end of last week work took me to florence. it was brilliant. i got so much inspiration out of it both from looking at the shops and also the trade fair pitti uomo. florence was great too. such a nice place. ill post some photos later. my jobs great! hehe. :D definately beats being a student!



i know i thought i had alot to say on my blog but i really cant think of any right now!! so that was my very brief newsflash!! random or what?! hehe.


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