Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy chrimbo, new year, etc!

Well hope everyone had a lovely time & santa was good to you. Im writing these entries in the car on the way back to london. I dont really feel like Ive had a holiday, i feel as tired as i did when i came home in dec! Cant believe lufbra get a month off this year too! Chuh. Students! Such slackers! :-P

Ive had a really nice time seeing mum & dad & alot of my mates. Chrimbo was fairly quiet but nice. Had the family over & stuff. Went to oxford to see arf for his bday which was nice. Didnt make as much of a spectacle as i did last year thankfully! :-S

mum dad & i went to london to the menier chocolate factory to see little shop of horrors. It was amazing! Such a good version & the plants leaves stretched into the audience & everything! Zoe Wannamaker was in the audience which was cool & the cast had one of the guys from seinfeld, fraiser & whos line is it anyway & a girl from a few things on tv like two pints of larger & a packet of crisps, that sorta thing. It was really good fun!

Didnt get to spend as much time in the hottub as i was hoping but had a good night in it the other day. Kaz, laura & becky all came over & we had champers while relaxing & gossiping. It was marvelous d'harling! ;-)

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