Monday, September 04, 2006

notes from the snot monster!!

this will be the last mention of my birthday i promise!! i got my birthday present from mum and dad on friday. its a name necklace from tatty devine! ive wanted one for ages and finally got it! im so happy with it! :-) not taken it off yet!

spent the weekend in oxford with rfa and it was really nice to see him again and natter away. we chillaxed at the house and went into oxford mainly. yesterday his family did a car boot and then rfa and i went for a really nice walk just next to his house through fields and by the canals. it was a nice change from london! makes me appreciate the countryside more! it was lovely spending time with a proper mate as well. its really nice when any of my mates either come to visit or i visit them cos noone in london will replace them. aww! hehe :-)

today im sitting in my bed cos im not well. my first sickie! jane passed on this crappy, minging cold so im sitting here feeling sorry for myself at the mo! *sniff*


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