Wednesday, September 20, 2006

bonjour dharling!

well ive had the best 5 days! after work on friday i went straight to waterloo to meet nat nat and we hopped on the train to lille for the weekend. Fan and Srinath were with Fan's parents in Lille and we had a little reunion. well, i say little, we arrived at her hosue and there were people EVERYHWERE! it was one of the biggest houseparties ive been to, as well as lots of french people nat and i met up with emhen, fan, srinath, geraldine, cess, cess' boyfriend, robin and robin's daughter! (im so so sorry if ive forgotten anyone, i think thats it!! :S) We stayed up till about 3am dancing, drinking and socialising, just like being back in banaglore!

we had relaxing days on saturday and sunday and went into lille as well as chillaxing in the garden and around the house. We had so much good food too, all from fan's parents. it was ace!

on sunday i left about 3pm and set off for paris. i met up with sanjay and had dinner as well as few beers sitting at one fo the cafes on the side of the road. he left about 8pm and i went back to my hotel and people watched from my balcony. it was opposite the gare du nord so it was never quiet, but not in a bad way!!

monday i met up with jane and we went to texworld. we met up with people from our german and mumbai offices while we were there so it was good to catch up! i even saw BTPL where i worked when i lived in banaglore so to see them again was really nice. after that we went to the Champs-Elysées, looked in the shops and had dinner. Tuesday we went to PV. it was so interesting to go on business rather than as a student. i got so much out of the trip. i also got to meet up with lufbra and ella. ellas stand looked so good. really impressive! well done chick! :) jane and i left paris and i got home about 9pm. i really really enjoyed myself and got alot out of the whole thing. overall it gets a bit thumbs up!
sorry this post was a bit bitty but im cream crackered and just wanted to get an entry written about the last few days! :)

i took this photo on my new camera phone, not a bad shot eh?! im really pleased with it! the rest of the photos from france are on my photoblog! check em out!


Emhen said...

ktp! emhen here at last. love your bog and my space. you really make them your own. what an amazing weekend everyone! thanks for all of the french fun. so lovely to see all of you again x x

natnat said...

Hello girlies!!!!
Natnat here! I too have been marveling at ktps blog! the photos are great from lille! why is it i always pull silly faces! must have been a hard menu. had the best weekend eva! want to do it all again soon. ill c u in london bitty!xxxx

Fan said...

Just got to see your blog.... I love it.... My god so much work.... Its true sucha nice time we had in france.... Woes is next ??? London or Goa....???
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