Thursday, September 07, 2006

its gonna be one of those days........

got up ready for the gym at 6am and was all ready and raring to go. that was, until, i realised i'd lost my glasses. i then spent a full hour looking for them and of course missed the gym. grr! (they ended up being in the wash basket! i mean, of course why did i look there first?!). i was then really hungry and did a big bowl of weetabix and crunchy nut cornflakes (i dont usually eat this much but wanted it today!) got it all ready and had no milk! i also had no bread for some toast either so ended up with a sausgae roll from greggs, could have been great but it was pretty cold! finally, as i was stepping out the front door i trod on my headphones and the case popped off the actual headphone bit. ive bodged it back together so its still working but who knows how long for?! think i should just go back to bed before anything else happens! :S rarr!

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